with XR & AI

Engaging Experiences that mean Business

Build Traffic & Increase Sales

XR for retail marketing, animation, promotion

AI to build customer relationships and sales

Cloud Native XR and AI no app, no download, just instant marketing fun!



Boost sales with great retail  AR experiences and stores that engage customers & social media.

Artificial Intelligence for Business Growth


Increase sales through Ai, CRM, Personalization and Individualized Marketing.

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Drive excitement and engagement using tools that automate the relationship building and promotion.

Supercharge Marketing


Boost foot traffic and increase sales and social engagement with our engaging experiences outside or inside your store. You pick the character relevent to your business and our InstantAR makes the magic.

Revolutionizing QR Code with InstantAR Technology


Entertaining experiences increase a consumers loyality with your brand. Sugar’s instantAR can be used B2B, B2C or at HQ. It brings your brand to life and is super simple, just a QR code scan, and the magic begins.


We can get your business, town, or home into the spirit of the season, post one QR code to celebrate each season; Santa, a skeleton or a leprechaun bring the magic and the fun every where they materialize.

Virtual Reality


Working with Fire Departments. Chambers of Commerce and more, Sugar sprinkles the community with fun, exciting, sharable and sometimes educational entertainment. 


Bring a new sponsorable event to your event. Bring masterpieces to life, let kid find safari animals or anything you can dream up. Creates traffic around your event and social shares increase awareness.

InstantAR Technology
Boost Sales with Quick QR Code Scanning

Ready for Something Sweet?

  • You receive an exclusive QR code for your business  
  •  You select the character you want to display-change at any time.
  • Customer dwell time with characters is over 2.5 minutes. What can you do with that attention?
  • There is nothing to download for the guest, 100% free fun.

A Cloud Native, Proprietary Platform You Can Trust


QR code launches Experience NO APP to download


Built on the Cloud, for the Cloud


World's premier Cloud Partner instantly scalable


More than 5B devices can instantly use


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Learn About Our Secret Sauce

Data Analytics and Insights

Cloud Computing in Retail

For the retail industry, cloud computing is not just an operational tool; it is a strategic asset that can redefine how retailers operate and engage with their customers. From scalability and cost efficiency to enhanced customer experiences and powerful analytics, the benefits of cloud computing support the dynamic needs of the modern retail environment.

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5G Technology Advances in Retail

5G Technology Advances in Retail

5G is poised to transform how retail businesses operate and interact with customers. From enhancing the customer experience to optimizing operations, the potential applications of 5G in retail are vast and varied. Here is how this groundbreaking technology is set to reshape the retail landscape.

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Retail AI & CRM for Relationship Building

Unlock the secret to unparalleled customer engagement with SugarXR’s suite of services. From crafting detailed customer profiles to delivering personalized recommendations seamlessly integrated across platforms, SugarXR revolutionizes customer relations through direct and tailored communication strategies.

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Engaging Experiences that mean Business


Why We Make Magic

Our mission is to help hometowns thrive. 


SugarXR, is a technology platform that leverages the power of eXtended Reality (AR/VR and AI) to increase traffic, drive sales and social engagement. 


Digital entertainment that bringing your business to life, literally.


Whether you’re curious about features, characters, getting started, or even press, we’re here to answer any questions.

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