What is InstantAR?

Accelerating Business Growth with Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to Our World of InstantAR

InstantAR is a seamless blend of the real world and the extraordinary! Augmented reality (AR) is digital fun overlayed on your real-life storefront. 


Think of us as giving your customers a magic lens: they point their phone at your storefront, and suddenly, it comes alive with fun brand or business-relevant animations. It’s an unique experience to boost traffic, sales, and loyalty. Why is InstantAR the talk of the town? It’s simple, fun for all ages and unexpected. 

A QR code in your window launches the magic, pretty simple, huh?

It’s web-based so complex apps or time-consuming downloads. Just the power of a smartphone and the magic of AR. Imagine a restaurant where a t-rex is juggling pizza on the sidewalk or a rabbit is enjoying a chai, encouraging you to stop in.

InstantAR is like having a personal storyteller for your business.

It transforms ordinary interactions into memorable adventures. You connect with your customers in a unique and mesmerizing way.


At SugarXR, we’re committed to transforming your business landscape into an interactive wonderland. Join us, and let’s make every street, every store, every product an unforgettable part of your customer’s journey.


This isn’t just technology; it’s a new chapter in your business story.

Let the Magic Begin

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