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Hi MN Firehouses! Introducing a FREE Promotional Tool:
SmARt Fire Safety

Minnesota’s Night to Unite, Tuesday August 6th, is right around the corner and the MSFCA is making it easy to spread a compelling fire safety message.  Introducing SmARt Fire Safety – a groundbreaking FREE TOOL using InstantAR (Augmented Reality) from SugarXR that turns fire safety education into an exciting adventure for kids. From Albert Lea to Duluth and everywhere in between, firehouses across Minnesota are gearing up to use this cool new tool.

SCAN and Accept Prompts
to High Five Spot - DEMO

What Is InstantAR?

InstantAR is like magic! It uses your phone’s camera and web browser to bring digital animations into the real world. No apps, no downloads – just instant fun and learning!

How It Works:

  1. Scan the QR Code: Use your phone to scan the special QR code.
  2. Watch the Magic Unfold: Digital animations come to life on your screen, videos play and other family activities to teach fire safety.
  3. Learn Through Play: Kids practice fire safety drills like crawling under smoke and so much more – when things are fun, learning is easier.
  4. Just Hand It Out: It’s super easy, you hand out the QR code, and it does the rest. 

Here's The Free Experience

1. Families Scan the QR code


2. They Choose a Fire Safety Experience

The experiences are designed to be fun, unique, and educational, covering three key areas:

Prevent, React, and Survive. We aim to make fire safety a blast for families.


3. They Have Fun & Get Smart about Fire Safety


Families learn about fire safety through engaging interactions with real firefighters at the event and a virtual Dalmatian named Spot. Creating memorable moments Kids can take a group photo or a selfie high fiving the digital dog during the event and anytime afterward.


Families learn how to test their smoke detector batteries through the fun and interactive Battery Boogie. An animated detector teaches the steps by pushing his own nose, then jumping to press an invisible detector on the ceiling. Making the process  memorable and engaging. 


Families learn how to safely escape a home fire by dropping below the smoke where the air is safer and exiting the house by crawling. This experience features digital billowing smoke, allowing kids to practice crawling under the smoke to safety. They Get Low and Go!


Families learn how to prevent kitchen fires by maintaining a safe distance between items and the stove. This experience shows the 3-foot safety zone around their stove, helping to prevent fires by keeping items at a safe distance from the stove. 

Engage with Your Community

Fire Departments Simple Engagement with your Community at Unite to Prevent:

  • Hand out pre-printed business cards with QR codes to launch the fun.
  • Snap pics with and videos to be a part of the experience.
  • Get your groove on with the Viral Detector Dance.
  • Post amazing photos of families practicing fire safety and show off your departments’ community spirit.

You & The Community Will Love It

  • FREE Statewide: A statewide experience that’s completely free and super simple – just a QR code.
  • Instant Engagement: Captivating animations that kids (and adults!) will love.
  • Insightful Data: We provide daily and monthly reports on engagement, location, and social sharing.
  • Easy for Fire Fighters: They just hand out the QR codes, the the learning starts.
  • Extended FD Presence: Even when Fire Fighters leave for another party, the fire safetly learning keeps on going so it extended the presence of the Fire Department
  • Year Round Tool: Use the QR code for Fire Prevention Month,  County Fairs, school visits, parades or any time you want teaching fire safety to be fun.

Join A Weekly Zoom to Learn More

Join our fun and friendly weekly conference calls where SugarXR, will answer your questions and share tips on making the most of the SmARt Kids Fire Safety Squad. Sign up for the live Zoom click HERE. 

Data Helps FD's Be Smarter Too

With XR data, Fire Departments gain deep insights into community behavior and preferences. This allows them to create highly targeted and impactful experiences, making fire safety education more effective and engaging.

Real-time Analytics

The platform offer instant feedback, enabling the Fire Department to adapt experiences on the fly for optimal results.

Competitive Advantage

Leveraging XR data sets fire departments apart, demonstrating innovation and responsiveness in a rapidly evolving communication landscape.

Improved ROI

 Data-driven XR campaigns yield higher engagement and conversion rates, maximizing impact with communities, teaching the power of fire safety.

SmARt Fire Safety is powered by SugarXR

At SugarXR, we pride ourselves on our proprietary technology platform that brings AR, VR, and AI experiences to life, helping businesses and communities achieve their goals. 

We are honored to use our platform working with the Minnesota State Fire Chief’s Association’s Public Safety Committe to help  make a positive impact, especially in teaching families about fire safety.

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