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Build traffic with SugarXR’s

immersive experiences, interactions & promotions. 


RESEARCH: Retailers see a 30% increase in foot traffic with AR.

Artificial Intelligence for Business Growth


Increase sales through

personalized marketing using integrated AI & CRM.


RESEARCH: AR experiences leads to a 94% higher purchase conversion rate.

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Drive excitement &

engagement for online marketing and social promotion.


RESEARCH: Average AR dwell times is 4x longer than with video.

Scan QR Code for InstantAR Engagement

100% Free to guests with no app to download


Boost foot traffic and increase sales and social engagement with our engaging experiences outside or inside your store. Drive traffic—you pick a character relevant to your business, and our InstantAR makes the magic. Or have guests SHOP your Digital Twin 24/7 from a QR code. Pretty sweet, huh?

Explore InstantAR and Virtual Reality Experiences
Revolutionizing QR Code with InstantAR Technology


Entertaining experiences increase a consumer’s loyalty to your brand. SugarXR’s instantAR can be used B2B, B2C, and with employees. It can be placed in store windows, materials, giveaways, social media, or email. Bringing your brand to life is super simple; scan our QR code, and the magic begins.


It’s easy, just post our QR code, and we get your business, town, or home into the spirit of any season or holiday. Our magic brings Santa, a skeleton, a leprechaun, the easter bunny, and much more live anywhere the QR code is placed. It’s like pixie dust.

Explore InstantAR and Virtual Reality Experiences


We work with Fire Departments and other community, civic, and non-profits to create  educational AR elements that make learning and engaging fun. SugarXR works with Chambers of Commerce and Rotary Groups to sprinkle Mainstreet with 10-20 fun, exciting, and shareable experiences in store windows, driving traffic and sales. 


Bring a new sponsorable element to your event. We offer the opportunity to bring Digital Masterpieces to life, let kids find safari animals, and much more. SugarXR creates traffic, provides a new press-worthy element, and increases social engagement. Helping you being even more eventFUL; love it. 

InstantAR Technology
QR Code Enabled InstantAR Experience

Ready for Something Sweet?

  • Bring Your Customers Fun Interactions!
  • Personalize Your Marketing & Support.
  • Collect and Analyze the Data.
  • Cultivate Your Customers through Personalization.

                                               Its Easy!


  • You select the character you want to display-change at any time.
  • Customer dwell time with characters is over 2.5 minutes. What can you do with that attention?
  • There is nothing to download for the guest, 100% free fun.

Invaluable Customer Data

With SugarXR’s data, you gain a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and preferences, enabling the creation of  highly targeted and impactful campaigns. Moreover, the ability to iterate and refine strategies based on real-time insights ensures ongoing optimization and relevance in marketing efforts. Specific Benefits Include:


Competitive Advantage

Leveraging our data sets advertisers apart, with innovation and responsiveness.

Artificial Intelligence for Business Growth

Improved ROI

XR campaigns yield higher engagement and conversion rates, maximizing returns

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Measure Social Engagement

Drive and measure engagement using tools automate relationship building & promotion.

Accelerating Business Growth with Artificial Intelligence

Real-time Analytics

Instant feedback, enabling advertisers to adapt strategies on the fly for optimal results.

Shopping made simple | Innovative search technology

Enhanced Consumer Insights

Captures user interactions and behaviors, for a  deeper understanding & targeted ads.


Audience Segmentation

Our data allows for granular audience profiling, optimizing ad delivery for maximum impact.

Learn More About Our Secret Sauce


Retail AI & CRM for Relationship Building

Unlock the secret to unparalleled customer engagement with SugarXR’s suite of services. From crafting detailed customer profiles to delivering personalized recommendations seamlessly integrated across platforms, SugarXR revolutionizes customer relations through direct and tailored communication strategies.

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Artificial Intelligence for Business Growth

Build Profits

Increase profits by building traffic and increase in sales. 



Lead Your Community

 Better serve customers, lead & participate in trends &  grow business

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Be Where the Action Is

Drive excitement & engagement with tools developed for the mission of retail. 


We Make Magic

Our mission is to help business thrive. 


SugarXR, is a technology platform that leverages the power of eXtended Reality (AR/VR and AI) to increase traffic, drive sales and social engagement. 


Digital engagement that bringing your business to life, literally.


QR code launches Experience - NO APP to download - Instant Fun!


Built on the Cloud, for the Cloud


More than 5B devices can instantly use.


AR, VR, and More. More promotion, More Interaction, More Excitement


Customer Relationship Buiding, Personalization, and more, at scale .


Whether you’re curious about features, characters, getting started, or even press, we’re here to answer any questions.

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